Trakehner Blood

OT: Trakehnerblut | TV series | 2017

Alexandra Winkler (23) lives alone in Vienna and works shifts at an industrial bakery. One day she learns that she has become the sole heiress of Hochstetten Estate, a prestigious horse farm, famous for its Trakehner breed. Alexandra, who grew up in an adoptive family, always believed her real parents had died long ago in a car crash. Out of the blue she discovers that she has three half-siblings – Maximilian, Silvia and Leander, who had different plans for their inheritance and knew nothing of their father’s secret will – or that he had an illegitimate daughter. Despite Alexandra’s strong desire for a normal life with her new family, she has to initially learn how to cope with the hostility of her charismatic and power-hungry half-brother Maximilian and his lover Maggie. As the story unfolds, a sinister family secret eventually comes to light.

Movie poster Trakehnerblut
Filmszene Trakehnerblut
Filmszene Trakehnerblut
Filmszene Trakehnerblut


SERVUS TV Release: Nov – Dec 2017 (8 x 45 min.)
Das ERSTE Release (Germany): Jan – Feb2018 (4 x 90 min)

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Production: SamFilm
Producers: Ewa Karlström, Andreas Ulmke-Smeaton
Co-Producer: Bernd Schiller
Director: Andreas Herzog (Block 1), Christopher Schier (Block 2)
Screenplay: Lea Schmidbauer
Line Producer: Bernhard Schmatz, Gregor Schmalix
DoP: Thomas Kürzl
Editor: Gerald Slovak (Block 1), Alexandra Löwy (Block 2)
Sound: Roland Winkler
Production Design: Conrad M. Reinhardt
Costume Design: Mika Braun, Silke Schmelzer
Make-Up Artist: Markus Zenaty, Birgit Hirscher
Music: Wolfram del Marco
Sound Design: Mario Hubert (Wavefront Studios)
Re-recording mixer: Christoph Merkele
(Casting): Nicole Schmied
Post-Production Supervisor: Klaas Byl


Julia Franz Richter: Alexandra Winkler
Christoph Luser: Maximilian Hochstetten
Laurence Rupp: Leander Hochstetten
Patricia Aulitzky: Silvia Hochstetten
Michou Friesz: Marie Hochstetten
Jeanette Hain: Margarethe Loss
Aaron Karl: Raphael Horvath
Brigitte Kren: Anna Kammerhofer
Martin Leutgeb: Anton Moser
Hage Mariam: Paula Novak
Oliver Karbus: Hans Svoboda