Crazy About Fixi

OT: Verrückt nach Fixi | Feature Film | 2016

18-year old Tom has never had a girl-friend. His best mate Dodie is sure the problem lies in Toms lack of self-confidence. But on his prom night Tom finally gets a woman, but not what he imagined: As the „last male virgin“ of school he gets “awarded” with an inflatable doll – on stage and under laughter of everybody. This night Tom ends up totally drunk peeing against an old Flipper machine in a backyard on which he beforehand leaned his new mate, the doll Fixi – but the machine explodes – and Tom gets hurled away and passes out. The next morning as Tom wakes up in bed not remembering the night before he can´t believe his eyes: Next to him lies the most beautiful girl he has ever seen … naked … Fixi has come to life! To Tom´s life!! From now on with Fixi at his side Tom is on the fast track of life. He gets access to the hottest clubs in town, gets invited to the cool parties of the rich kids and of course Tom finally has sex. Everything seems to run smoothly. But he is starting to change and he is neglecting his best friend and also not recognizing who his real soul mate could be – so finally Tom has to learn what really matters in life….

Filmplakat Verrückt nach FIXI
Filmszene 1 Verrückt nach FIXI
Filmszene 2 Verrückt nach FIXI
Filmszene 3 Verrückt nach FIXI


Release Date: October 13, 2016
Distributor: Constantin Film


Production: SamFilm
Producers: Ewa Karlström and Andreas Ulmke-Smeaton
Co-Producer: Martin Moszkowicz, Constantin Film
Associate Producer: Bernd Schiller
Director: Mike Marzuk
Screenplay: Mike Marzuk, Thomas Sieben
Line Producer: Karlheinz Ganzer
DoP: Benjamin Dernbecher
Editor: Tobias Haas
Sound: Petra Gregorzewski
Production Manager: Elke Sasserath
Production Design: Franziska Ganzer
Costume Design: Diana Dietrich
Make-Up Artist: Dorothea Goldfuß, Jeannette Tripodi
Music: Wolfram De Marco
Sound Design: Media, Sound&Pictures
Re-recording mixer: Tschangis Chahrokh
Casting: Lisa Stutzky


Jascha Rust: Tom
Roland Schreglmann: Dodie
Lisa Tomaschewsky: FIXI
Lucas Reiber: Jannis
Ruby O. Fee: Jessy
Janina Stopper: Sonja
Lennart Betzgen: Ecki
Lion Wasczyk: Ritchi
Helena Siegmund-Schulze: Mia
Sarah Mahita: Neele
Nina Kronjäger: Tom’s Mother

Financed with support from:

Hessen Invest Film, FFF Bayern, FFA, DFFF