The Wild Soccer Bunch 5

OT: Die wilden Kerle 5 – Hinter dem Horizont | Feature Film | 2008

This time round, football meets the fantastic as Leon’s team discover the secret world of the Shadow Realm!

It begins with first love as Leon and Vanessa fall head over heels for each other, swearing eternal loyalty. But eternity comes with some disadvantages. Just one day later, Leon has vanished. Was his promise good for less than one night? Or were secret powers at work? The Wild Soccer Bunch set out to find him and discover what lies beyond the horizon, the Shadow Realm. There, the friends are put to some special tests. Because the inhabitants are awake only during the night – they are vampires!


  • 2008 New Faces Award for Best Newcomer: Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht
Film cover The Wild Soccer Bunch 5
Filmszene DWK5
Filmszene DWK5
Filmszene DWK5


Release Date: Februrary 21st, 2008
Distributor: Buena Vista International


Production: SamFilm
Producers: Ewa Karlström , Andreas Ulmke-Smeaton
Director: Joachim Masannek
Screenplay: Joachim Masannek
Line Producer: Karlheinz Ganzer
DoP: Benjamin Dernbecher
Editor: Alexander Dittner
Sound: Eckhard Kuchenbecker
Production Manager: Christian Held
Production Design: Heike Lange, Maximillian Lange
Costume Design: Mika Braun, Andrea Spanier
Music: Andrej Melita, Peter Horn, Bananafishbones


The Wild Soccer Bunch

Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht: Leon
Sarah Kim Gries: Vanessa
Raban Bieling: Raban
Nick Romeo Reimann: Nerv
Marlon Wessel: Maxi
Kevin Iannotta: Joschka
Leon Wessel-Masannek: Markus
Janina Fautz: Klette


Marvin Unger: Darkside
Paula Schramm: Blossom
Sarah Horváth: Düsentrieb
Ella-Maria Gollmer: Marry
Sandro Iannotta: Jeckyl
Bruno Schubert: Hyde
Nathalie Kutschera: Terry


Philip Gaube: der Kapuzenmann

Financed with support from:

JETZT DIGITALISIERT mit freundlicher Unterstützung der FFA