THE FAMOUS FIVE And The Valley Of Dinosaurs

OT: Fünf Freunde und das Tal der Dinosaurier | Feature Film | 2018

The Famous Five are not looking forward to attending a party with Aunt Fanny but, when their car breaks down en route and they are forced to spend time in a small town, the chance for another adventure is closer than they expected. Attending the unveiling of some newly discovered dinosaur bones at the local natural history museum, they meet Marty Bach, and immediately get the sense that something isn’t quite right. Marty reveals that his deceased father reportedly found an entire dinosaur skeleton, but the maps to its whereabouts have been stolen. Unable to let a good mystery go unsolved, the Five — George, Julian, Dick, Anne, and, of course, Timmy — set out on an organized hike through the Valley of Dinosaurs. What they intend to be a fact-finding mission soon turns into a race to find the skeleton, as they suspect the thief is amongst the other hikers!

Filmplakat Fünf Freunde und das Tal der Dinosaurier
Filmszene Fünf Freunde und das Tal der Dinosaurier
Filmszene Fünf Freunde und das Tal der Dinosaurier
Filmszene Fünf Freunde und das Tal der Dinosaurier


Release Date: March 15th, 2018
Distributor: Constantin Film


Director: Mike Marzuk
Producer: Ewa Karlström, Andreas Ulmke-Smeaton
Co-Producer: Martin Moszkowicz, Constantin Film, Bernd Schiller
Writer: Mike Marzuk
Cinematographer: Philip Peschlow
Line Producer: Ole Wilken
Production Design: Manfred Döring
Film Editing: Tobias Haas
Casting: Stefany Pohlmann Casting
Makeup: Dorothea Goldfuß, Agnes Hesselbach, Sylvia Niehues
Music: Wolfram DeMarco
Sound: Alex Rubin
Sound Design: Mario Hubert
Re-recording mixer: Tschangis Chahrokh
Sound Design: Wavefront Studios


Marinus Hohmann: Julian
Ron Antony Renzenbrink: Dick
Amelie Lammers: Anne
Allegra Tinnefeld: George
Jacob Matschenz: Marty Bach
Peter Prager: Carl Herzog
Melika Foroutan: Barbara Herzog
Dirk Borchardt: Harald ‚Becky‘ Beck / Hans
Jürgen Tarrach: Gottfried Meyer
Dagmar Sachse: Christa Kleinhans
Bernadette Heerwagen: Tante Fanny
Milan Peschel: Kurt Weiler
David Baalcke: Walter Kleinhans
Manuel Cortez: Pedro Mendes
Patricia Litten: Blumenverkäuferin
Ruby O. Fee: Melanie
Alexander Schubert: Inspector Stiel
Norman Hacker: BM Jacoby

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