Love Scenes From Planet Earth

OT: Das merkwürdige Verhalten geschlechtsreifer Großstädter zur Paarungszeit
Feature Film | 1998

It’s a beautiful day and the Pope’s in town. A down-on-his-luck writer takes a publisher’s Ferrari for a joyride. Teenies get it on in shopping mall toilets. The writer’s ex-wife falls for their baby daughter’s kidnapper. A man and woman who are about to jump to their deaths decide to have six children. Lingerie and flavoured condoms change hands. Cinderella discovers the Mambo and the man of her dreams. And the cops can’t cope. Just for starters. In a kaleidoscopic tapestry, the thread of love weaves its whimsical way through a European metropolis in the course of a single day. Paths cross, lives intersect and destinies merge. After all, it’s spring – mating season. Love Scenes from Planet Earth is a sparkling and fanciful contemporary comedy of errors, mistaken identities, subliminal and overt desires, the battle of the sexes, cosmic flow, virginity and the logistics of ‘doing it’ for the first time. Life, love and the pursuit of happiness.

Movie cover Love Scenes From Planet Earth
DVD-Coverbild Das merkwürdige Verhalten
Filmszene Das merkwürdige Verhalten
Filmszene Das merkwürdige Verhalten


Release Date: August 27, 1998
Distribution: Buena Vista International


Production: SamFilm
Producers: Andreas Ulmke-Smeaton, Ewa Karlström
Director: Marc Rothemund
Screenplay: Peter Gersina
DoP: Hans-Günther Bücking
Editor: Barbara von Weitershausen, Birgit Brandes
Production Manager: Annette Oswald
Production Design: Josef Sanktjohanser
Costume Design: Natascha Curtius-Noss
Make-Up Artist: Martine Flener, Mechthild Schmidt
Music: Reinhard Besser
Re-recording mixer: Tschangis Charokh
Casting: Nessie Nesslauer


Cosma Shiva Hagen: Sandra
Christoph Waltz: Charly
Markus Knüfken: Peter
Ann-Kathrin Kramer: Manuela
Maria Wördemann: Hanna
Clara Wördemann: Hanna
Oliver Korittke: Jimmy
Heio von Stetten: Sven
Anica Dobra: Tamineh
Tobias Schenke: Paul
Mavie Hörbiger: Nina
Frank Giering: Henrik jr.
Gudrun Landgrebe: Cornelia
Michaela May: Hilde
Dieter Landuris: Marcello
Julia Thurnau: Tusse
Sebastian Schipper: Andi
Isabella Parkinson: Birgit
Christoph Hagen Dittmann: Moritz