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Project Description

OT: Die Wilden Kerle 2 | Feature Film | 2005

 Clear the pitch! Lock up the referee! The most daring team of junior soccer players to take to the hallowed green turf, The Wild Soccer Bunch, is back!

This time they not only have to defend the trophy of trophies, the Teufelstopf, and their command of the town against the dreaded skater gang, the Flammenmuetzen, but also – shock, horror, gasp – fight for Vanessa (a girl of all things!) who’s fallen in love with their leader!But the motto still applies: “If you want to be cool, you got to be wild“.


  • Prize Seahorse Kinderfilmfest 2005
  • Kinderkinofestival Schwäbisch Gmünd 2005, Prize of the children’s jury
  • Nomination for the German Film Award 2005 in the category “Best Children’s and Youth Film”
  • 35th Giffoni Film Festival 2005 “The Golden Griffin” in the category “Kidz” 2005


Release Date: February 17, 2005
Distributor: Buena Vista International


Production: SamFilm
Producers: Ewa Karlström , Andreas Ulmke-Smeaton
Director: Joachim Masannek
Screenplay: Joachim Masannek
Line Producer: Karlheinz Ganzer
DoP: Sonja Rom
Editor: Dunja Campregher
Sound: Tomas Kanok
Production Design: Winfried Henning
Costume Design: Mika Braun
Music: Andrej Melita, Peter Horn, Bananafishbones


Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht: Leon
Sarah Kim Gries: Vanessa
Raban Bieling: Raban
Wilson Gonzalez Ochsenknecht: Marlon
Marlon Wessel: Maxi
Kevin Iannotta: Joschka
Leon Wessel-Masannek: Markus
Deniz Sarsilmaz: Deniz
Konrad Baumann: Juli
Lennard Bertzbach: Gonzo Gonzales
Tim Wilde: Leon & Marlon’s Father
Uwe Ochsenknecht: Maxis’ Father

Financed with support from:

FFF Bayern, FFA, BBF
NOW DIGITIZED with friendly support from FFA